What Are The Mental And Health Benefits of Meditation

By | July 5, 2016

Mental Health Benefits of Meditation

What Are The Mental And Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is the art of relaxing your body, mind and spirit through stillness and concentration. Through meditation, you are taking control of how you think and allowing your body and mind to focus and relax

Meditation practices have various health benefits including the possibility of preserving cognition and preventing dementia. Studies have showed that meditation plays a role in brain aging and mental fitness. Intense concentration and relaxation lead to a growth of new brain cells, protecting against the brain shrinkage linked to and slowing Alzheimer’s.

A few other benefits of meditation include the ability to better focus and think more clearly. Past research has shown meditation, which has become increasing popular over recent years has helped people quit smoking, cope with cancer and heart disease.

Many people often come to meditation for the benefits of stress reduction.  Stress is often the number one cause of problems at home or at work, and is cited as the leading cause of illness.  By lowering the levels of stress you feel, you are more capable of handling the problems when they arise.

While meditation cannot prevent problems from happening, it can better prepare you to deal with them. As those who meditate tend to be better balanced and well rested, small problems are less likely to become large ones. Meditation does improve your relationships with friends, family and spouse and your performance at your career.

Many people can reap the benefits of meditation wherever they are.  Meditation can be done anywhere you can sit still and ignore what is around you. This makes private offices, and even the commute to work, ideal places to meditate, especially if you take public transit or another form of meditation where you are not the driver.

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The audio program consists of a unique and proprietary “Triple Harmonic Chord” audio track that we believe provides a more impactful experience than any other program available.  You’ll barely hear that “magic” track behind the pleasing sound of rain, chimes and Tibetan gongs.

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Each program runs about 30-minutes.  And the reason there are three programs is because each “level” takes you to a deeper place than the preceding one.   Think of it like lifting weights.  With consistent usage your brain will adapt and maintain the growth you are achieving with each meditation experience.

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Overall Review:

See what some of the users are saying here.


I downloaded the free demo meditation audio files. These demo files are 5-minute excerpts from the full-length tracks, taken from about the 10-minute point in the program until the 15-minute point.

The samples include two versions of the Level One track; some people prefer music and others prefer only tones (the tones, which produce the meditative state, are in both tracks).  In the complete program you will be provided with access to both versions, for each of the three levels.

The demo version also included a sample of the track from Level Two which has a different foreground soundtrack to keep the programs interesting.

I listened to the 3 audio files provided. It did gave me a soothing effect, calm and relax feeling during the 5 minutes audio track. However, the duration was not long enough to experience the full effect.

I tested listening to the audio both indoors and outdoors. It definitely works best when you are in the quiet indoors environment. In order to experience the meditation effect, put on your headphones.

These are however, samples and do not, and are not intended to, provide the full experience you will gain with the complete programs. Try out the free demo first and experience the short meditation. Purchase the complete program for a more rich and insightful meditation experience.

If you have any feedback or thoughts to share on meditation, please feel free to leave your comments below. I love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “What Are The Mental And Health Benefits of Meditation

  1. Linda

    Your post on the mental and health benefits of meditation was very informative and quite enlightening. I was aware of the stress reducing benefits of meditation but I was not aware that meditation could improve cognition and prevent dementia. This is a benefit that is definitely worthy of exploration. I will download the samples today to get a sense of the program. Thanks very much for the info!

  2. Hendra

    Meditation is a good way for busy people to find peace. It is an easy, practical effort to reduce stress and anxiety. This is a good review. I tried the free demo. It is very relaxing. I’d suggest reviews of headphones, which will help improving experience in relaxing ourselves using the therapy.

    1. wesley Post author


      Meditation is an act of controlling your mind. The objective is 100% absolute focus. It does helps to reduce stress and anxiety. I am glad that you have tried out the free demo and find it relaxing.


  3. Shane

    Hi Wesley
    I have been looking for ways to meditate for my daughter who plays sport at a very high level and has been struggling with the mental side of things of late. I really found your article and especially your review on Deep Zen enlightening, I’m going to download the free demo meditation audio files and see how it goes.


    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Shane

      Meditation can help your daughter to stay calm and reduce her anxiety. Simply set aside some time to quiet her thoughts through meditation. Try out the free demo and experience the Deep Zen meditation.



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