Prevent Aging Memory Loss

Ways to Prevent Memory Loss

Ways to Prevent Memory Loss

Memory loss is a common phenomenon that happens with age. Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia make people quite frightened. Their fear may not be unfounded but every memory loss does not indicate they have Alzheimer. You can retain normal memory by following some simple tips.


Diets play an important role in memory enhancement and poor memory conditions can be rectified through change in dietary lifestyle. Food that are rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids helps to improve memory.

  • Fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines
  • Vegetables such as carrots, brocoli
  • Fruits such as banana and papaya
  • Milk and walnuts

Alcohol and Smoking:

Avoid alcohol which has a damaging effect on our brain cells and also avoid smoking which hardens the blood vessels in our brain.


Exercise is fundamental in maintain a healthy body. Walking outdoors is an inexpensive way to exercise not only your body but your memory as well. Maintain a daily exercise regime by taking an half hour of slow walking. Boost your mental memory by remembering those street names, house numbers as you walk pass.

Daily Exercise To Prevent Aging Memory Loss


Have at least 8 hours of sleep per night. It can help to protect against age-related chronic illnesses including memory loss. Meditation or yoga reduces stress level.

The world’s oldest man who died at the age of 112 years, had shared that the key to longevity is to avoid over worked and lived with joy. See published post on How to Live A Ripe Old Age. 


Reading a book requires a good deal of concentration and is essential to memory function. By taking a few minutes out of each day to read helps to stimulate your memory in a very positive way.

Another fun way is to read  to young children. It entertains them and they enjoy listening to your stories. It is also a social form of interaction and keeps your mind active.

Keep a daily dairy of the activities that you have done for the day. Jot down those events and the people conversation that you have interacted with. Read back past events and it will help you to refresh your memories of the names of people and places.

Playing Mind Games:

Puzzle and memory board games are excellent ways to keep your mind sharp and alert as you age. The American Health Assistance Foundation’s (AHAF) Alzheimer’s Disease Research program recommends playing Sudoku to exercise the brain and help memory and cognitive functioning. Soduku is similar to a crossword puzzle, but numbers are used instead of words.

Playing a chess game can actively stimulate our brains. It is using your brain to get ahead in the game. Any game that involves strategy will exercise your brain.

Playing Mind Games To Prevent Aging Memory Loss

Learning New Things:

Learn a new hobby that interest you to keep your mind and time occupied. It enriches you in some areas of your lives as well. Gardening or cooking are fun hobbies that you can share and impart your knowledge with your families.

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Emotional Support:

Count on emotional support from friends and family. Have conversations with neighbours and grandchildren, and get to know what and how are they doing. Social engagement using facebook, twitter or other network media can be beneficial and help to maintain a good memory. Most importantly having a positive outlook on life avoids memory fading and wandering.

Memory Vitamins:

There are supplements available that aid in memory clarity and have a positive effect on boosting memory. Taking B vitamin complex helps to improve the speed at which you process new information. Studies have shown that you will be less prone to develop Alzheimer’s disease if you take B vitamins. It slows down the progress of the memory loss.

Another popular supplement for memory is fish oil containing Omega-3 fatty acids. For more details visit Amazon Store for best memory vitamins and supplements.

How To Trigger Dementia Patient’s Memories?

1.   Using Video Plays

A unique pilot program at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale encourages family members to pre-record messages, aiming at helping victims of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia to break through the morning fog of forgetfulness that can often cause them agitation and fear. Using video plays to the patients, with stories of happy memories and get-togethers to remind them of happy times with their family members. See published post on Tips To Improve Your Memory.  

2.   Using Sights And Sounds

Using Sights And Sounds To Prevent Aging Memory Loss

Experts say dementia sufferers’ memories can be triggered by an object, a sound, or even a smell. Researchers found that dementia patients placed in a setting that reminded them of their youth were able to summon more autobiographical memories. It’s reminiscence is a therapy.

An article from EASTON (Pennsylvania), shared that Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are increasingly using sight, sound and other sensory cues to stimulate memory and provide a touch of the familiar for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Reminiscing will not reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. However it can improve the mood and reduce agitation and wandering of these patients.