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Welcome to My Web Store. How to prevent memory loss is a concern for people as they age, as well as for their caregivers. There are many products and services in the market that helps dementia patients to develop memory power and care support.

I have selected a number of  dementia care products to aid the caregiver to give them an early alert before any mishap occurs.

There are also a selection of high quality brain supplements and books for dementia patients and their caregivers to help them with their memory improvement journey.

The Brain training program not only does it improve your mental agility but also gives you a more active and balanced life.


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    Interesting article… I’ve heard of brain training programs etc to keep your mind in good health, but I had no idea there were pills available for the same perpose!!

    My Nanna is now 97, and is only just about starting to deteriorate – although she is still extremely independent and self-reliant!! She’s just and so starting to forget the odd word when she’s trying to communicate – and although it’s a little upsetting to see, I’m amazed she’s lasted until this age with no real problems!! 🙂 I think it’s her secrets I need 😛 she tends to do a crossword in her favourite magazine each week which I’m sure has something to do with her ability to retain information – so I do tend to believe in the “brain training” apps/programs 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Zoe, thanks for sharing your Nanna’s secret of aging. One of the best ways to improve your brain performance and health is to play games that require thinking and memory activity. Crosswords are a classic brain trainer, accessing not only verbal language but memory from many dimensions of knowledge.


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