How To Remember Numbers

By | June 6, 2016

Memory Improvement – Learn How To Remember Numbers

How To Remember NumbersIn almost everything we do, there are numbers involved – telephone numbers, credit card and ATM numbers, zip codes, passwords, birthdays, calculations, and many others! Whether you love them or you hate them, numbers are here to stay. In order to cope up with today’s hectic lifestyle, you have to be able to remember a lot of numbers, or you’ll end up getting all confused and disorganized.

Contrary to words that can be associated with an object, numbers are difficult to remember because they are abstract. If I say think of a pen, your mind immediately visualizes the pen. But if I say 2473, you will have a hard time committing it to memory.

Here are a few various memory techniques to remember numbers better so you can perform your usual transactions quicker and more efficiently.


Your senses, particularly the ears and eyes, may prove to be effective in recalling numbers. Here’s how it works:

Repeat the number several times to yourself. It may be difficult for you to remember a number such as “2895” as an abstract thing, but easy for you to remember the sound of “twenty-eight ninety-five.”

You may also visualize the number. Write it down several times to lodge it to your memory bank. An even better idea is to create a vivid image of that number for better memory retention. Visualize “2895” beautifully laid out on a billboard in large sizes and luminous colors, with pieces of jewelry all around it. The number just follows you wherever you go. You see it everywhere. It’s on your bathroom mirror, on the TV screen, in the fireplace, it just won’t let you go! You can even intensify the image by making a jingle or slogan like “2895, I like you to jive!”

You may forget that the number of a certain house or office is 2895, but you may easily remember the sound of the spoken words “two-eight-nine-five,” or the form of “2895” as you see it on the door of the place.


The Law of Association may be used advantageously in memorizing numbers. For instance, one might remember the number 186,000 (the number of miles per second traveled by light-waves in the ether) by associating it with the number of his father’s former place of business, “186.” Another person may remember his zip code “1876” by recalling the date of the Declaration of Independence.

Converting Numbers to Words

One very common yet practical technique to remember numbers is to transform them to words. Probably the easiest way to do this is to assign each number 1 to 9 a letter equivalent: A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, and so on. Using this technique, 742 turns into GDB. The letters GDB doesn’t make much sense, so you have to turn it into an acrostic. How about “Great Dancing Bellies?” The next time you want to recall 742, just recall “Great Dancing Bellies” and convert the first letters of each word back to their number equivalents. If you think the phrase “Great Dancing Bellies” may still slip your mind, create an image of fat tummies dancing merrily to the beat of the drum.

Here’s another example. If you need to remember your system password which is 135, then you may imagine your computer “Allowing Cute Entrance” to someone as adorable as you. 

The Picture Code

Using this technique, you assign an image to each number 1 to 9 that is similar to its appearance. See how the numbers below look like the objects they are representing:

0 = ball
1 = magic wand
2 = swan
3 = fork
4 = sailboat
5 = seahorse
6 = bomb
7 = crowbar
8 = hourglass
9 = balloon

Memorize all the symbols above and their number equivalents. If you find that these symbols do not stick in your mind, then convert them to something that you can remember better. After memorizing the images, you can begin using this method.

Let’s say you want to remember the street number of your friend’s home, which is 289. You can then visualize a swan (2) swimming with an hourglass (8) at its back; and tied to the hourglass is a big red balloon (9). Or let’s say you want to remember 471. You can imagine a sailboat (4) with a crowbar (7) hanging at its side; and glued to the crowbar is a long wand (1).

Watch this video on Remembering Numbers from Brainsmart – BBC to learn How to Remember Numbers better.

There is no getting away from numbers. We used it every day. Numbers can be hard to remember because they’re abstract concepts, but leaning these techniques can make a big difference.

It’s All About Inventing Crazy Stories

If you have any feedback or thoughts to share on how to remember numbers, please feel free to leave your comments below.

6 thoughts on “How To Remember Numbers

  1. Brandy

    First of all, i want to say I’m definitely bookmarking your site. I absolutely love the different techniques on how to remember numbers. Not only will I use this for myself, but I’m going to share this with my father. As he gets older, he is struggling more and more with his memory. This, of course, makes him very frustrated and gets him down. I’m going to go over these techniques with him and see if that helps. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Brandy

      I am glad that you have found some useful information here and sharing the techniques with your father. These numbering techniques are useful for all ages from school going children to aging parents. As one ages, it is even more important to keep an active mind to prevent any memory loss and to stay healthy.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. TerryB

    What a great post! I’m looking for ideas for my aging Dad. He is starting to forget important things.

    I love the idea of associating letters to numbers and then creating a word. What a fantastic idea!

    Any ideas on how to find your keys when you misplaced them 🙂

    1. wesley Post author


      Thank you for visiting my website. I am glad that I can share some of the numbering techniques with you. Here is a good memory tip from AE Mind on how to find your lost keys.


  3. Adrian

    These are pretty handy tips for remembering numbers and I think these could end up being very useful as time goes on.

    The reason for that being is that we are in the digital age and when we use the internet, we come across more and more web pages which we like and want to register or open an account, hence we need a password.

    This usually involves using numbers which we have to remember, I need to write mine down as I couldn’t remember all of them.

    I remember some of the essential numbers I use all the time and it helps to be aware of some tips like these so I don’t forget them.

    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Adrian

      Agreed with you. In today’s digital society, we constantly come across new telephone numbers, credit card numbers, ZIP codes, PIN, passcode and more. Unlike words, numbers can be particular difficult to memorise because they are abstract. If you want to remember numbers, you got to find the meaning in them. I am glad that you can find some useful tips from



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