Bed Alarms For The Elderly

By | April 22, 2016

Bed Alarms For The Elderly

Preventing falls among elderly is a growing concern. Falls can lead to serious injuries, such as fractured hip or concussion. An elderly fall usually takes a longer period of time to recover.

Bed alarms for the elderly are helpful devices that can detect movements and sound an alarm to the caregiver if the user tries to get up from bed on their own and wander away from the room. This gives an early warning to the caregiver that the elderly needs assistance and helps to prevent the elderly from unnecessary fall.

Bed alarms also provide assurance to caregivers that the elderly in their care are safe in bed while they are busy with other house work in another area of the house.

Using a wireless pager and an alarm monitoring system, it gives the caregiver some freedom and rest.

Smart Caregiver Cordless Floor Mat – your solution to elderly fall prevention

Smart Caregiver Cordless Floor Mat

Product: Smart Caregiver Cordless Floor Mat

Retail Price: US S184.95

Cheapest Place To Buy: (Free Shipping)

Size of Floor Mat: 24” by 48”

Warranty: 1 year


Product Description:

  • Cordfree 24″ x 48″ floor mat means there is no alarm noise in patient’s room.
  • When floor mat is stepped on, the signal is sent up to 100 feet to alarm monitor.
  • Place the floor mat by the side of the bed or across a doorway so you will know when they are trying to get up or leave a room.
  • Alarm features three volume levels and an on/off switch. Approximately 5″ tall and uses 3 ‘C’ batteries. You might wish to purchase an AC adapter for this alarm unit.
  • Also now includes two Kerr Medical disposable, high absorbency bed protector pads!

Overall Review:

Smart Caregiver Cordless Floor MatThe product is easy to setup. Users will be able to have the bed alarm setup and running within a short time of unpackaging it. It has about 100 feet radius, means you can take the alarm outside or upstairs.

One of the great benefits of this system is that it allows the caregiver to relax and sleep, knowing they won’t miss their patient trying to get up or go out!

The floor mat pad is comfortable enough that the patient has no idea that they are stepping on a sensor pad and being monitored. The alarm goes off on a transceiver with a caregiver, so it does not startle the patient who stepped on the mat. The floor mat is also easy to clean.

The product’s features, ease-of-use and high user ratings make it likely the best wireless floor mat alarm on the market today.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts to share on elderly fall prevention.

8 thoughts on “Bed Alarms For The Elderly

  1. Jim

    Thanks Wesley for your website. I appreciate what you are trying to do. My mother is 95 years old and suffering greatly with dementia. This is a very sensitive problem, and very upsetting for one’s family. Anything we can do to help a family member or a friend with this problem is certainly well worth the effort. Thanks again, Jim

    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Jim

      thanks for visiting my website. I am glad that you have found some useful info here. The same fall monitor type mentioned also works with Bed Sensor Pad, Chair Sensor Pad and Landing mat. Amazon has a range of these products which you may also like to consider.


  2. Abrielle

    What a great idea! My mom is a caretaker and I am super tempted to forward this to her right now. Especially since she works overnights. Do you think that the alarm is loud enough to wake the caretaker? Even if they are sound asleep? Would it work under a rug? Some of my mom’s patients are pretty stubborn and sneaky and would try to avoid the sensor!

    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Abrielle

      thanks for stopping by. The Caregiver pager features include a low, medium, high volume adjustment and also has a vibrate option. It can be adjusted to suit the needs of the Caregiver holding the pager. The mat has a smart pressure sensing pad and the patient does not even know that they are being monitored as there is no alarm in the patient’s room.


  3. arnold

    Hi Wesley,
    I wonder what the relationship is with a bedalarm and your main theme preventing memory loss in the elderly. You might want to place a category with General tools for needy elderly persons. Now I do not see the connection with your main theme. It is clear that there is a great market for it but your website is not about tools . The people who visit your site now have maybe benefit from a separate category tools.?
    I wish you all the best.

    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Arnold,

      thank you for reading my blog. Most Alzheimer’s patients requires full attention to their daily needs such as being fed, bathed and doing other daily activities. A floor mat alarm allows the caregiver to have some freedom to relax and sleep, knowing they will not missed their loved ones trying to get up or wander out. This will also help the patient to prevent from any fall and caused other injuries. Thank you for suggesting to add another category for elderly needs.


  4. Helen

    Wesley, the bed alarm is a great idea. I believe it is not just for the elderly though and would benefit many ages.

    My mum got Picts Disease (a virulent form of dementia) in her forties. The issue we had with her was smoking. She would get up an find a cigarette, light it and then put it in an ashtray. Unfortunately she would then forget whether she had lit it or where the ashtray was! We would find lit cigarettes all through the house. Our fear was she would burn the house down.

    A bed alarm would have given us the heads up to alleviate this problem by making sure we knew to track the ashtrays.

    A friend of mine became a paraplegic in her late thirties. She managed pretty well but occasionally fell when she was trying to get out of bed. Another great use for the bed alarm.

    You site is very informative and a must for any responsible carer.

    1. wesley Post author

      Hi Helen

      It is definitely not easy being a caregiver. It is a 24/7 job and is often faced with the mental, physical and emotional stress of caring for a loved one. The benefit of a bed alarm allows the caregiver to relax, rest or busy with other housework stuff, an early warning when their loved ones is trying get up from their bed or to go out of the room.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with your loved ones.



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