Memory Loss from Old Age

By | January 3, 2016

Memory Loss

Poor memory or memory loss is generally observed with aging. If you found thatmemory loss you are getting forgetful, cannot remember where you have put your keys, forgetting people’s names, missed social events or cannot recall recent conversations with families and friends, then you may be suffering from old age memory loss.

Memory loss can sometimes be quite embarrassing and can lead you to get more frustrated with yourself. You can be unsure why you entered a room or having to read an article of the newspaper over and over again. You keep repeating words or having difficulty with speech. If you observed that your partner or friends are getting annoyed with your forgetfulness and confusion or talking behind your back on your memory lapses, then it is crucial that you should seek medical advice immediately.

Most of us like to pretend that we are fine and we do not have a problem. We often like to say that it is just a temporary short term memory loss and we should not worry about it. But seriously by doing nothing, your short memory lapse can progress to a more serious dementia problem.

Alzheimer’s disease is a severe stage of dementia. At this stage you may found yourself wandering in the streets and getting lost or even get killed in an accident if you ignore the safety aspects of the environment. You may be ignoring your personal hygiene and will need help in personal care such as bathing, going to the bathroom, dressing and eating. Your speech may be difficult to understand and they may not comprehend what is being said to them.

Do not wait if you found that you have early symptoms of memory loss. Seek medical advice and take steps to prevent further memory loss from aging. Changing your diets and seeking an active lifestyle will help to improve your memory. It will be very sad if you are unable to recognize the familiar faces of your family during your last few years of your life. Your loved ones will get worried and incredibly painful to watch your health deteriorating.

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